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Circulus Urns are about the eternal circle of life – infinity, peace and security. The surfaces of the urns are unique, as if furrowed with strands of life. Their textures create planetary effects – reminiscent of the surface of the moon and those of other planets – and carefully selected colours retain a pallet of earth tones. These are handmade urns, which give another sense to the passing of a person. All urns are unique, just like the people.

Three types of urn are available in the collection: durable, biodegradable and keepsake urns – household objects for the remembrance of loved ones.


Durable urns are designed for burial or for placing ash in a columbarium. They are fired twice – after sculpting and glazing the clay becomes resistant and can withstand the effects of the environment. These urns differ from the others in that they have a metal fastening. Biodegradable urns are fired at a lower temperature, which does not make them moisture resistant. Therefore they deteriorate and decompose after burial. The fastening of these urns is made of oak wood. The keepsake urn is for those who wish to keep part of the ashes.

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The fastening of the urn – plug with an opening – does not close it hermetically. It is like a gate that helps the soul to get across to another life.

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Every urn is named after a constellation in latin. People have long believed that after death a person is reborn as a star in the sky. We seek to foster this very beautiful myth.

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Our urns have no relationship to any religion. We aim to keep a minimalist aesthetic, so that the urns would be as neutral as possible and create a meditative aura of peace. Visual and tactile examination of their texture helps finding a peaceful moment to think about a loved person who has passed away.


- Designed at Vilnius Academy of Arts.

- Exhibition Young Designer Prize.


- National design award – Good Design, 2nd prize.


- Design exhibition Space of Good Design, Klaipeda.

- The project is financed by the Lithuanian Council for Culture. Individual grant for artists and culture creators.

- Lithuanian design exhibition A House Full of Creativity in Vienna, designforumWIEN gallery.

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