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Circulus Urns are about the eternal circle of life – infinity, peace and security. The surfaces of the urns are unique, as if furrowed with strands of life. Their textures create planetary effects – reminiscent of the surface of the moon and those of other planets – and carefully selected colours retain a pallet of earth tones. These are handmade urns, which give another sense to the passing of a person. All urns are unique, just like the people.

Two types of urn are available in the collection: durable and keepsake urns – household objects for the remembrance of loved ones.


Durable urns are designed for burial or for placing ash in a columbarium. They are fired twice – after sculpting and glazing the clay becomes resistant and can withstand the effects of the environment. These urns have a metal fastening.


The keepsake urn is for those who wish to keep part of the ashes.

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11 (15).JPG

Every urn is named after a constellation in latin. People have long believed that after death a person is reborn as a star in the sky. We seek to foster this very beautiful myth.

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Our urns have no relationship to any religion. We aim to keep a minimalist aesthetic, so that the urns would be as neutral as possible and create a meditative aura of peace. Visual and tactile examination of their texture helps finding a peaceful moment to think about a loved person who has passed away.


- Designed at Vilnius Academy of Arts.

- Exhibition Young Designer Prize.


- National design award – Good Design, 2nd prize.


- Design exhibition Space of Good Design, Klaipeda.

- The project is financed by the Lithuanian Council for Culture. Individual grant for artists and culture creators.

- Lithuanian design exhibition A House Full of Creativity in Vienna, designforumWIEN gallery.

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